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Generally our ductwork is manufactured from galvanised sheet and is of the ‘lipped' variety where a 6mm flange is turned on the end of each component for attachment to its adjacent component with a tension clip or bolted captive flange. This method ensures a rigid assembly with smooth snag-free bore and readily facilitates installation and subsequent modification or relocation.

Standard diameters are 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 750 and so on.

Standard ductwork components are straight duct in 2m lengths ( 80 – 200 dia) and 1.25m lengths ( 225 dia and larger), bends (30° , 45° , 60° , 90°), reducers, single branches, double branches, trouserpieces, slide dampers, hangers etc.

Machine Hoods

Machine hoodsWe manufacture hoods to be fixed to various woodworking machines to maximise waste capture at the machining source. These may be standard hoods to fit known machines or tailor-made for individual applications.


We supply a range of filters generally in terylene needlefelt which is the most applicable for general woodworking. Specialised filter media are available for particular applications. Filters may be of a standard size or tailor-made to order.

Our SMART filter has proved very popular in recent years. This has seven individual elements and, when substituted for a standard cylindrical filter, provides MDF/hardwood capability at relatively low cost


SilencersNormally installed in the main duct adjacent to the suction fan, we manufacture silencers to reduce noise levels.

Flexible Hose

Flexible hozesFlexible hose is normally fitted to accommodate the moving head of a machine or to complete the final machine connection in instances where rigid ductwork would be cumbersome. We stock all imperial diameters from 2" – 12" in an advanced polyurethane product with internal helical steel wire support. This provides an ideal combination of flexibility with wear-resistant durability.


ImpellersWe manufacture our own balanced 6 bladed paddle impellers in mild steel. Standard sizes range from 12" – 42" diameter but they can be tailor-made to order.

Waste Collection Bags

We supply tough 400 gauge polythene collection bags to fit a standard 20" diameter spigot.